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Zirconia and Empress Crowns

For many years porcelain applications have used a metal substructure under the porcelain teeth for durability. Since the handicaps of this metal sub-structure  are known as  gums, dental tissue, general body health and most importantly aesthetic , the search for a material alternative to metal in porcelain substructure has been going on for years .

A new era has been opened with the application of zirconium, which was successfully used previously in other fields of medicine, in place of porcelain metal in dentistry.

Because, this new zirconia  porcelain crowns  are not doing gingival  problem, and besides not being allergic, it gives a close aesthetic and function of natural teeth  with translucent  feature.

Zirconia Porcelain Crown and Bridge known as CERCON which consist of combining  Ceramic and Zirconium . The system, which has a resistance of 900 MPa, has launched a whole new era in dentistry, covering the highest physical values as well as the ability to translucent  , tissue compatibility and many different indications.

The success of the material has been proven in the field of medicine and industry. As a result of the research that started in 1998, clinical applications have been started  all over the world since the beginning of 2002. With this new application, the aesthetic concerns  arising from metal porcelain  and all porcelain  restorations  of patient definitely eliminated

  • Tooth crown restoration
  • 3-6 membered (anatomical length up to 38mm) bridges
  • Implant supportedcrown-bridge exercises

Until today, it was not used in dental applications because of the high cost of zirconium oxide production.Thanks to a project developed by the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology , zirconium oxide has become economically viable for dentistry. Zirconium has been used in medicine since the 1960s, The reliability of the material has been proven through long-term studies.

Zirconium has been used for various purposes in various parts of the body, especially hip joint prostheses, and it has been determined that there is no  side effect or harm and no allergy until now .

Zirconium is an element which resistant to high heat and shock , lightweight , adiabatic and  dielectric , transparent .

It is also a healthy material that does not lead to taste disorders, gingival problems and malodor.

A wax model of your teeth is prepared on the model prepared with the measure taken from your teeth. A computer-aided device prepares the infrastructure of your teeth by chafing the zirconium oxide block in the direction of the information it receives from this model .The work is completed by placing suitable color ceramic on the chafed structures .

Now, with the new high-tech zirconium oxide, powerful and aesthetic restorations without metal can be successfully achieved.

There are also some important advantages of cercon applications for users. Cercon ceramics placed on zirconium oxide substructure reduces the rate of attachment  of food waste and microorganisms to the tooth surface . Thus, good oral hygiene is provided . Zirconium oxide does not transmit heat, and when you eat  hot and cold foods, teeth sensitivity does not occur  .

Cercon: has the highest qualities that have been achieved to date in the areas of aesthetic, durability, tissue compatibility  and naturalness which are the basic requirements of modern dentistry.




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