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Tooth Whitening

Yellowing  and stains that are present in the teeth for various reasons reduce the risibility in the individual .

Among these reasons , intense tea, coffee, consumption of nicotine, white stains due to excessive use of fluorinated water, and grey yellow stains due to antibiotic use are examples . With tooth whitening, it is possible to achieve pure white smiles without any prosthetic interference. After a detailed examination, your physician will guide you for  the office-type whitening or home-type whitening  and will help you to have a whiter smile in a short time.

1. In-Office (power) bleaching

2. At-Home bleaching

In office type whitening, the procedure is performed by your dentist within 45-60 minutes. The process is based on the activation of the whitening gel, which is applied to the teeth, with a special light, to maintain  oxygen release. Released oxygen decolorize in enamel and dentine color. A rubber dam ( dental dam ) or gum protectors is used to cover the gums during the procedure. Mostly appeared to be promising results are obtained in single appointment Rarely, the second and third appointments are needed. There is a 10-20% return within 48 hours of whitening provided at the end of a single appointment. Therefore, during this process, attention should be paid to oral hygiene and care should be taken not to consume the staining  foods .

Home-style whitening is a method by which individuals can apply themselves at home. A plaque specially prepared by the dentist or that is produced as a standard from a different material  is used in this process. Lower concentration of gel is used at-home bleaching compare to in-office bleaching . Applying 2-4 hours a day in a week, you can get satisfactory results.




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