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Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery

• Tooth Extraction

• Complex  and  impacted tooth extraction

• Root resection

• Implant surgery

• Cystectomy

• Gnathostoma

• Aesthetic Surgery

• Soft tissue surgery

• Periprosthetic surgery

• Periodontal surgery

In cases of large cavities that cannot be treated and cannot be restored

Periodontal disorders

Untreatable infection and abscess in tooth roots

For Orthodontic treatment

Unrecoverable root fracture

Impacted tooth

  1. The bumper placed on the extraction wound should be held for about an hour . After this buffer has been removed , if your dentist does not have a specific warning , do not put the buffer again , care should be taken not to disturb the clot .
  2. Do not rinse mouth with water for 24 hours .
  3. The wound surface should not be touched in any way and not sucked, andshould not spitedfor 24 hours .
  4. Do not eat anything until after the extraction deadness (for at least 2 hours) ,after this period is over, warm and soft things should be preferred . Very hot foods should be avoided.

• At least 24 hours, preferably in the first three days should not be smoking. Smoking can cause deterioration of the blood clot and wound inflammation. This condition called dry socket causes pain for a long time.

• The wounded area should not be used for 24 hours.

• If you have pain, do not use painkiller other than aspirin, If possible consult a physician for it.

• The extraction area must be kept clean. Avoid leftovers in the wound. After 24 hours, the area should be gently brushed with a soft toothbrush.

• it is considered normal bleeding as slight leakage during 6-24 hours. This incoming blood is definitely not to be spit, otherwise the pressure of spitting may increase bleeding. If there is excessive bleeding or if this period is exceeded, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dentist.

• If you have a long standing pain, swelling, you should consult your dentist .

  1. The reason why Wisdom Teeth are problematic ;genetically no need for this tooth and increasingly the shrinking of our jaws.

    As our jaws become smaller, wisdom teeth are struggling to find their place and cannot go out like other teeth. The wisdom teeth, unable to find space for themselves , make pressure while pushing the front tooth and this causes crowding . They are also very far behind and can easily become inflamed because the surrounding gingiva are not in normal anatomical structure.

    Impacted Wisdom Teeth ; do not usually cause problems. But they need to be followed by an x-ray. They can press on the root of front teeth of them even though they are fully impacted and in a low rate of, cystic and tumoral formations may be developed at the follicles of these teeth .

    Partially erupted wisdom tooth; is the ones make the most trouble. They try erupt by pressure to the front teeth  because they cannot erupt  fully . The flap of gum tissue (capuchon) on them is inflamed over time due to escape of food waste and bacterial growth. As a result of inflammation of the gingival around the tooth; pain, swelling, abscess occur. Creates a suitable environment for decay .

    Fully erupted wisdom tooth  ; they usually do not cause any problems, but they are too far behind to brush, they can trigger crowding at the front area or may cause periodontal infection in the area where they are . For this reason , extraction advised  as a preventive measure in patients with poor oral care .

    Signs of  inflammation or abscess of wisdom tooth : Pain (spontaneous or by pressure ),Swelling (in mouth or face), Redness , Swollen lymph nodes  under the jaw , The difficulty of swallowing , Mouth cannot be closed or when the mouth is closed, bite the gum tissue over the wisdom tooth , the pressure.

    Harm of Wisdom teeth ; can cause crowding  by pressure to the front tooth . Could cause decay in front teeth. May cause pain and swelling from time to time as it creates a suitable environment for inflammation. The current inflammation, enters the bloodstream in a weak moment of the body and ;can be placed in vital organs such as heart, kidney, brain, joints and can be life-threatening .

    Treatment of inflammation of wisdom tooth  ; First of all, acute inflammation need to be chronic  with antibiotic therapy . (wherein the inflammation is located just became chronic with antibiotic therapy . It is not completely cleaned. For this reason, after the antibiotic therapy ,  should not give up the extraction of  the tooth , misled by the end of complaints .) Then (as shown on side ) these teeth should be extracted with a surgical procedure.

Cystic lesions form at the root of the problematic teeth in status of poorly made  root canal therapy or in the presence of organised as not to be drained inflammations . These teeth require re-canal treatment. In some cases root canal therapy is not enough and this lesion inside the bone must be removed.

For this, a small window is opened  on the bone where the tooth root is located and  through this window the cystic in the area cleared from bone . The root is filled from here and open window is closed. This process is called root resection.




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