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Detox Treatment

The best effective  way to improve a chronic illness or bad health conditions is to purify the body from toxins and to destroy the main reason which reduces immune resistance , attract microorganisms by contaminating blood and tissues .This is Detox .

Even if environmental pollution is not the issue, the human body produces internal toxins as a result of its daily functions. When Glucose and Oxygen are burned in the cell to generate energy, other toxic by-products such as ACIDIC WASTES and carbon dioxide are released .When the organism works normally, these toxic wastes are quickly thrown away. So, the normal body is naturally cleared. Excessive accumulation of toxins creates blood poisoning and provides the necessary environment for diseases. Accumulation of toxins in the metabolism is the cause of the disease.

There are two reasons for the retention of toxins in the body. The first is toxin loading in excess of the natural level of metabolism, which is caused by excessive exposure to unnatural environmental toxins in foods , air and water .

The second is  the normal elimination period that does not work due to the weakening nervous system because unhealthy personal habits, extreme tiredness and hyperactive modern life .

The most common discomforts in dentistry are malodour and gingival inflammation due to toxin accumulation. As a result of the conventional methods of treatment, endless malodour and frequent gingivitis is eliminated by applying detox treatment. Detox treatment is not a treatment method alone, used for support to conventional methods .

Detox treatment in our clinic is evaluated according to the patient's complaint and  It includes a treatment process have been disciplined ,  2 sessions per week, 8 sessions per month. Detox treatment process begins when the patient's conventional methods of treatment  are finished.

The specified cure of the patient is applied together with sauna and steam detox.




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