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Bonding and Pink Aesthetics

Rotten, broken, notched or coloured teeth are repaired with tooth-colored composite resin material .

Bonding is among the easiest and least expensive of cosmetic dental procedures . Most often , bonding is used for cosmetic purposes . Most often , bonding is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of discoloured or chipped tooth , close spaces between teeth  ( diastemata ) , change the shape ( make teeth look longer )  or color of teeth .  

No or too little preparation is needed for bonding . Anesthesia often is not necessary , unless it is being used to fill a decayed tooth .   

• After the colour is selected, the surface of the tooth is roughened using either laser or acid.

  1. In order for the bonding material to be easily adhered to the tooth, the tooth is covered with a material compatible with it.
  2. After these preparations, the tooth coloredcomposite resin material is placed in the tooth with the desired shape

• The material is hardened with an ultraviolet light .

• After the material hardens , physician will trim and shape it .

  1. Then the material is polished until it shines as it is in other parts of the tooth .
  2. This process takes about 30-60 minutes. If more than one dental application is needed, several appointments may be needed.

You should stay as far away from colorful food and beverages as possible  in order to protect them from stains or to minimize their occurrence within the first 48 hours. Tea, coffee, cigarettes can cause coloration  the resin material used in bonding . Beside brushing your teeth, at regular intervals,  have them cleaned by a dentist  .

    The composite resin is not as strong as natural tooth .  If you bite or chew on ice or  pen , it can chip . Bonding application life is several years, then it can be repaired. The oral habits and how much bonding is applied play an important role in the determination of the life of the bonding application. 




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