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Dental Treatment by Laser

Laser is a light source with energy loading   in additional wavelength became uniform  . Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation consists of the initials of the words. This form of energy that does not have the effects of cancers such as ionizing radiation has been used in the medical field since the 1960s, over the last decade, the developments experienced in laser technologies have moved to quite different dimensions.

With the technological developments in the area of dental lasers, new generation devices especially used in the last two years are carrying out effective treatment.

We use dental lasers for a variety of procedures, including gingival , accelerate healing in the teeth and jaw bones , gingival sculpting, gingival disinfection after tartar scaling, teeth whitening, cleaning the caries , disinfection of root canals in canal treatment, tooth extraction, Impacted wisdom tooth extraction , implant placement, as soon as the infected tooth extraction completed , disinfection alveolus  for  implant placement , gingival surgery without using bistoury and sutures .

In these procedures, we can summaries the advantages of lasers over conventional treatment tools, and the rapid improvement of the treated tissue , accelerate healing when applied at low energy doses and remove inflammatory signs such as pain and edema , cleaning the caries substantially to work without needing an anesthetic (in this respect, it is of great benefit to children who are especially afraid of injection ), In surgical gingival operations , without the need  to cut the gum with a scalpel and then to stitch , possibility to work in closed mode , because it provides disinfection by neutralising the bacteria in the applied areas ; increase the success at infected root canals in canal therapy , allowing the area to be healed quickly after the infected teeth and roots extraction and enabling immediate implantation after extraction even in the case of infection , create minimal damage to the bone at wisdom tooth or surgery extraction and alleviate post-operative pain-oedema problems .

There are two types of mechanisms that create the advantage of lasers. At low energy levels, lasers accelerate healing by increasing the energy synthesis of cells . At higher energy levels, the cells evaporate rapidly and lift away , at this time  they do not cause any damage to neighboring cells, they leave a firm texture and make the healing faster .

For example, a gingival interrupted by a bistoury  contains damaged cells along the incision line and the body needs to repair these cells first and  a space  made by the cells evaporating on the tissue when laser incised and there are intact cells on either side ; This also enables the acceleration of healing .

In summary, dental lasers contribute to treatment by accelerating healing and by being able to work without anaesthesia.




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