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Cosmetic Dentistry

The artist , almost completes what nature has left missing. The most basic concept of your aesthetic today is beauty. Beauty is a value that varies according to from age to age, from community to community and from person to person, even the age of the people, profession, in the social and psychological situation .In fact, human beings live in a real world with they're widely accepted values. There is  accuracy values that regulate our information,  goodness values that regulate our morals , usefulness values that regulate our economy and our practical life , and beauty values that regulate our aesthetic life . Those that reveal these values , making  something good and  beautiful ,   is human .

The beauty of nature is largely due to symmetry.  The body of the living creatures  is symmetrical as right and left . Symmetry is very important in the perception of works of art as being beautiful. On the basis of Harmony, there is a majority in unity. Everything in the universe appears to be many and complex. But unity in multiplicity is achieved , reveal a harmony , a power a beauty .

While gaining oral health, it is not possible to push aesthetic gains to one side, all in all   . The most important factors in making a person feel healthier are not physiological but psychological factors . One of these physiological aspects is appearance .

If we consider the issue as oral and dental health; crowded teeth, separate teeth, decayed teeth, missing teeth, yellow teeth, broken teeth, etc., affects the integrity of the face and affects our smiles .

The best view in aesthetic sense is the closest view to nature ;aesthetic work done according to your face shape, skin colour , smile shape  is successful works .It is our job to capture nature and reflect it; materials developed in the dental sector are obtained as a result of studies on how to best mimic natural teeth and  it can be easy to achieve the result when these materials are combined with a professional view.

Dental gaps (diastemata) can also cause a lack of self-confidence in one's smile. The teeth should be considered as a whole with the face . Gaps between the teeth distort this integrity. It is possible to close these intervals in 1-2 sessions without damaging the teeth with advanced aesthetic materials. Let's not forget the integrity of our teeth with the face first, then with our lives .

Fractured teeth after trauma, natural appearance can be attained with aesthetic materials without touching the teeth in one session.

Genetically different sized teeth are given normal views without touching the teeth in a single session.

The teeth that have undergone color change from old filling or from external-internal factors are repaired first by whitening  to natural coloring and then giving natural appearance with  restorative materials .

Tooth filling is inevitable if there is too much material loss in the tooth. And usually applied in the posterior molars. Dental fillings are both aesthetic, resistant to chewing pressure and reliable in long term treatment method .

Creating an appropriate cavity (pit ) is the main point in fillings;

And  the natural look before decaying should be achieved also with filling. The type of filling used depends on the location and function of teeth.

The molar teeth that make up most of the chewing function are exposed to more pressure and  they need a more durable material than the front teeth.

Previously the most common filling material was silver amalgam and  It was used in posterior teeth. Such fillings are in fact mercury, silver and other metal alloys.

But by their appearance  , they are not aesthetics .

Also, it may be necessary to apply filling  depending on the loss of material in the frontal teeth.

Porcelain fillings are a filling method developed to protect healthy dental tissue in situations where there is a lot of material loss and the tooth is totally shrunk to require application of the crown.Since it is more aesthetic and useful, it is preferred to amalgam fillings.

In the first session, out of the diseased areas of teeth , the measurements of the prepared cavities , without any etching for stability  from healthy tissue are sent to the laboratory. At there , the filler is prepared from porcelain that completes the missing structure of the tooth prepared specially for this tooth of the patient and  glued to the patient's teeth at the second session .This porcelain filling , which has the same hardness as the tooth, prevents fractures from biting forces and ensures that the teeth are as healthy as before. The filling is natural enough to be indistinguishable to the naked eye because it is in the tooth color .

Now, composite fillings  are made exactly the same color as the person’s own teeth , appropriate the teeth form . These fillings are natural enough to be indistinguishable from the eye, with developing polishing techniques , colorings due to the dye materials like cigarets  that may occur over time are also prevented . The patient uses these healthy and aesthetic filling teeth for many years as if there is no filling in their teeth .

After a slight level of abrasion is made on the anterior surfaces of the teeth, a thin layer of porcelain worked material  by bonding  the front surfaces of the teeth , prosthetic work carried out . Because porcelain is prepared in a very thin layer, the light transmission and reflection are very close to the natural tooth and thanks to this feature, it provides perfect aesthetic. The most important advantage is that the teeth are not cut too much and, if necessary, a step forward treatment method allows the teeth to be cut and covered with porcelain.

•Patients closure and habits glanced at the first seance  .

•Perform necessary radiological examinations.

•Photo analyses done.

•Tooth colour is decided.

•The image to be obtained after the treatment is shown to the patient with the help of composite fillers.

•Without having to anaesthetize , the front faces of the teeth are etched at a slight level and measured.

•The porcelain laminate veneer crowns prepared in the second seance are checked on the patient. If a correction is needed after color, harmony , shape has been checked on this seance , patient will called for one more seance .If there is no problem, during the second seance ,  teeth are glued and one week later on  the third seance patient will be  called for check and the final examinations and corrections are completed .

•This seance is especially a seance that examined the gingival harmony .

  • Toothbrush as well as mouth shower use
  • Not to processplucking hard foods with front teeth
  • The use of night guard in the presence of teeth clenching or grinding habits
  • Abandonment of nail biting
  • Six-month checks are not neglected




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